A small dinosaur called "Citipati" falls prey to a global extinction event caused by a meteorite impact. Despite the struggling attempts, the body soon succumbs to its wounds and collapses. In its mind, though, the fight against the traumatic experience continues, nearly trapping the fearful dinosaur in its own nightmare. But after overcoming its instincts and regaining control of its dreamscape, it decides to face its fears head-on; literally confronting the impact event in its mind and going out in a blaze like a phoenix.... while in the real world, the body has already drawn its last breath...


Andreas Feix


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Filmografia: -

Titolo: Citipati
Paese di produzione: Germany
Sceneggiatura: .
Musica: .

Sezione: Animazione
Anno di Produzione: 2016
Fotografia: .
Suono: Dolby Sr

Regista: Andreas Feix
Lingua Originale: No
Montaggio: .
Genere: Avventura

Sottotitoli: No
Scenografia: No
Durata: 06' 50"
Produzione: Francesco Faranna

Costumi: .