The Moon is essentially gray


“The Moon Is Essentially Gray” is a 3-minute CG animated short about a young child, her makeshift rocket, and her fantastic flight to the moon. The film explores the role escapism plays in the lives of children who suffer some form of neglect or abandonment by their caregivers, and is ultimately about the struggle to gain (or regain) personal power, joy, and freedom. “The Moon Is Essentially Gray” was produced by Hannah Roman as part of her thesis work in the MFA Computer Art program at New York’s School of Visual Arts.


Hannah Roman


Biografia in inglese

Filmografia: -

Titolo: The Moon Is Essentially Gray
Paese di produzione: United States
Sceneggiatura: .
Musica: .

Sezione: Animazione
Anno di Produzione: 2016
Fotografia: .
Suono: Dolby Srd

Regista: Hannah Roman
Lingua Originale: English
Montaggio: .
Genere: Avventura

Sottotitoli: No
Scenografia: English
Durata: 04' 34"
Produzione: Hannah Roman

Costumi: .