Chika, die Hündin im Ghetto


Chika the dog and the five-year old Mikasch are the heroes of this story which is set in a Jewish ghetto in an unnamed Polish city. The little dog helps Mikasch to develop as a child despite the persecution of the Jews and the threats of the 2nd World War. During World War II it was forbidden for Jews to keep their pets. One day the official orders decreed that Jews have to deliver all dogs. Mikasch refuses to obey this command. His parents help him to find a solution to save Chika. Mikasch's father hides the dog outside the ghetto at a non-jewish friends house.


Sandra Schießl


Biografia in inglese

Filmografia: -

Titolo: Chika, Die Hündin Im Ghetto
Paese di produzione: Germany
Sceneggiatura: .
Musica: .

Sezione: Animazione
Anno di Produzione: 2016
Fotografia: .
Suono: Dolby Srd

Regista: Sandra Schießl
Lingua Originale: Inglese
Montaggio: .
Genere: Sentimentale

Sottotitoli: No
Scenografia: Inglese
Durata: 16' 00"
Produzione: Björn Magsig, Marion Heinßen

Costumi: .