Niraj Gera

Title: Haunted by Myself
This picture of an acid attack survivor expresses the hatred which grows inside of the survivor because of the behavioral change in people around her, including her very own family members. Many a times,even their own family members refuse to support and tand by the survivors,they in fact try disassociating themselves with them. This puts the survivors in a state on repulsion against her own self.
Title: A Struggle to break free
Coming to terms with the reality is not easy for acid attack survivors, but accepting to live with it is even more torturing. The emotional upheaval which keeps resurfacing pushes against the heart the desire to break free.
Title: Lost Hopes
This powerful photograph of any acid attack survivor’s eye captures the feeling of emptiness expressed through the eyes. It represents the lost hope in her own self and in everything around her.
Title: Bars of Stigmatization!
The photograph of an acid attack survivor shows that because of the stigmatization and insensitive treatment by the society the survivor not only loses her self-confidence but is also fettered and victimized by notions which the world builds against her.
Title: Tears of Nostalgia
The photograph of an acid attack survivor depicts a moment where the survivor nostalgically looks at an old picture of her and wishes to rewind time. There are also survivors who don’t even have a picture to share how they used to look prior to the attack.
Title: The wounds heal, but the Scars remain
This is a photograph of an acid attack survivor, who usually have to undergo multiple surgeries for treatment. The surgery might help them recover, but it cannot take away the scars (physical as well as mental) the incident has left upon the survivors.
Title: Behind the Smile
The photograph of an acid attack survivor symbolically shows the sadness and pain which they carry behind their smile. It is important to take notice of that and help them cope with it.
Title: Untainted Love
The picture shows the bond between a mother and daughter, both of whom had been attacked by acid. The culprit was her own husband who poured acid own his own wife and the girl child. The pain has lasted ever since. This tragic incident has not only disfigured them, but has also caused some serious internal injuries, leaving the daughter sightless. The picture captures a moment of affection between the two. It is the love and care they receive from their surroundings which help them stay strong.
Title: Falling in love with myself
The world appears beautiful when one is happy from within. The photograph of an acid attack survivor shows one such moment, where the survivor adores herself. She is no more stuck with the nostalgia and has been able to break through the shackles of societal norms of beauty. She is now in love with herself!
Title: Breathing Freedom
The picture of an acid attack survivor depicts the spirit of freedom and a sense of hope that is withheld in the eyes of the survivor for an ever growing and ever evolving self.