Tapas Biswas

titolo: Affection
A baby macaque was playing with him mother
titolo: Blue Tailed Bee Eater
A Blue Tailed Bee Eater was resting on a perch in between it's breakfat hunt
titolo: Brahminy Kite
A mighty Brahminy Kite was in search of food
titolo: Curiosity
A baby rhesus macaque was too curious seeing someone pointed a camera towards him
titolo: Moon
Moonset over the mountains
titolo: Purple Sunbird
A beautiful Purple Sunbird looking for necter
titolo: Sadness
An Elephant's eye full of sadness
titolo: Spotted Owlet
A spotted Owlet sitting on it's nest
titolo: The Tent And The Galaxy
The Milkyway Galaxy arm as seen over our tent in the pitch black night
titolo: Wire Tailed Swallow
A Wire Tailed Swallow was collecting nesting material(mud) from this place. To build a complete nest, they almost need 3000 trips of nesting materials.