Ayanava Sil

titolo: Awaits
The pilgrims of Gangasagar Mela awaits in line for the holy bath in River Ganga
Pehlwani or kushti is a form of wrestling from the Indian Subcontinent. It was developed in the Mughal Empire. A practitioner of this sport is referred to as a Pehlwan while teachers are known as Ustad. And yet, it remains a lesser celebrated sport in India. Unfortunately, the traditional akharas have been replaced in the urban culture by glamorous gyms and fitness centers. Here the Phalwans warms up before going to akhara the wrestling arena.
titolo: Shadow Play
Kids here in their playful mood enjoys the evening against the setting sun.
titolo: Colored Face
A broken wall which look very similar to a side face of a human
titolo: The Local Daily Passengers
People crossing the jetty or the bridge over the River Ganges which is connected to Ahiritola launch Ghat. While in background we get to see the iconic Howrah Bridge of Calcutta.
titolo: People's Flow
Scene of a local market in Kolkata (India) during Charak Puja or Gajan Festival. This festival is actually a festival of Lord Shiva where people believe that the festival will carry prosperity by eliminating the sorrow and sufferings of the previous year. This local market held a fair during this festival where all the local peoples and tourist travels to visit every year. This photo shows the extreme rush of the visitors during the festival.
titolo: The look
A man looks into a mirror as he tries the traditional white cap (Taqiyah) before he buys in a market preparing the holy month of Ramadan in Kolkata.
titolo: Traditional ritual of India, locally known as ‘Dondi’.
People go to the deity they worshiped with some personal wishes close to their hearts performing the ritual throughout the journey with the sole objective for their personal wishes to be fulfilled by the deity.The experience is very intense. Everyone participating begins by going into the Holy Ganges River. When they emerge they lie face down on the road along the path that leads to Ganges. Then they get up, walk a few feet, and lie face down again. This process is repeated down the mile long road to the River Ganges. Here the mother with her two son performing the dondi ritual on the eve of Shitala Puja. What strike me here is the innovative idea of keeping both the son safe with her was brilliant. A piece of cloth tied to each other so that they didn't get separate in between the large crowd.
titolo: Widow Holi of Vrindavan
Shunning age-old taboo, widows of Vrindavan played Holi on the premises of the 400-year-old Gopinath Temple. Here a woman clad in white saree tries to cover herself from splash of colors.
titolo: Eye to an Eye
Children in their playful mood with a Scythe, a sickle Shaped Weapon of Goddess Kali.