G. G.son

titolo: The Tale of a Happy Man
On a rainy day, I found this happy man smiling while having a shed over the head and keeping the traditional Bangali music instrument on the shoulder.
titolo: Of Dust and Spirit
I met this man at the Mazar/Shrine(Religious place) in Bangladesh. There were lit up fire and fragrant smokes all around. The light was hitting inside through the windows. The atmosphere was magical as well as his eyes. I worked on the photo a lot and gave it a more spiritual look by dogding and burning. I felt the devotee's belief in God and the mazar just by looking at his eyes. His eyes seemed to tell that everything will be alright by the grace of the Almighty.
titolo: 'Fly' on the Eye
I found this homelss man in front of a graveyard. He was weak, calm, timid and poor but he was motionless. I saw a fly sitting on his eye but he did not pay a heed. There must be something of greater tragedy. His motionlessness reaction to a fly on the eye shows his sorrow and shows the paradox in the title.
titolo: Of Ancient Soul
In a visit to a village at Tangail, I found this man with piercing eyes but poor health. This man is a freedom fighter who fought for the freedom of the country in 1971. His soul is old, older than the finest wine of Greece, which contains too many stories of experience and hardship of life.
titolo: Of Ages
In Tangal district I find this man out of a university. He used to work at that university. He got retired for long enough. He told me stories of his time.
titolo: Finding Absolution
This is a spiritual man seeking absolution. I met him at a Sufi festival. The sadhus and darveshes came their to preach their spiritual belief. I find this sadhu contemplating about something.
titolo: Of In-sanity
This man is known as "Pagla" which means Mad/Insane in Bangla. He has got a hysteric look but he is insightful when talking about his own philosophy how all the elements of life works. He was smoking a 'biri' - a desi cigarette but as I point my camera he looked otherwise dropping that off.
titolo: The Look
While walking with camera on the street a photographer gets different gaze. Gaze of happiness, shyness, "what's that/who's that/what's your business"-ness are mostly seen. This man after passing by looked back at me while giving a powerful mysterious look.
titolo: Of Melancholia
In Winter when all the crops dried, beside his land, I found this farmer gazing at the infinity either accusing his fate or wanting help from God.
titolo: Of Minimal Existence
On a dried out river, a man walks by to find water for his shower. To avoid the scorching heat of the sun he uses a red umbrella. Shot from the bridge over the Kaliganga River in Bangladesh made his existence minimal which also signify how minimalistic we are to Nature.