Ana Caroline De Lima

titolo: Andinos
Way before the first sun rays rise behind the Andean mountains, indigenous women prepare the breakfast for her family. The food is shared with her children and, sometimes, with he husband - if he hasn't moved to a big city looking for a job. ​ Children help with the daily chores. The older ones don't go to school - they have to stay at home, looking after their siblings. Even if they had time to sutdy, they wouldn't, as there are no schools nearby. There's nothing nearby, by the way. Shepherd women walk up and down the mountains looking for a good place for their alpacas to graze. If they have a baby, the kid is with her, all day long, wrapped around her back in a kepina. Whilst the animals are eating, the woman is weaving coats, scarves and gloves, perfect for the extreme cold of the Peruvian highlands. Gregorio, however is an exception. He was been married for 40 years and never left his wife.
titolo: Andinos - 2
Gregorio is one of the few families that doesn't live in houses made of stone - highlanders built their homes with stones due to the fact that they have to keep moving from place to place in order to find good grass for their alpacas
titolo: Andinos 3
when Norma - Gregorio's wife - is not up in the mountains shepeherding, she is weaving at home. Most of the times, her friends join her
titolo: Andinos 4
Norma and Gregorio go shepherding together - something very different than most of indigenous women, that goes shepherding all alone .
titolo: Andinos - 05
An improvised loom made of wood is used by Norma in order to weave in the mountains.
titolo: Andinos 6
When Gregorio is outside, Norma waits for him at their daughter's home - which is made of stones. The stone houses are very small in order to protect people from the cold weather of the Andes.
titolo: Andinos 7
Another day goes by at the Andean mountain range. Gregorio says "Life at 16000 feet might be harsh, but it's always easier when you have someone you care by your side.